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Mr. Number Blocks Spam and Gives Reverse Lookup

I just discovered this app for my iPhone and I love it.  It’s called Mr. Number and it provides call blocking and Spam protection. It is made by Hiya Inc. and was released for iOS October 29, 2015. It works … Continue reading

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Organizing the Apps on your iPhone The Easy Way

Organizing the apps on your iPhone can be a chore.  Granted, you can click on an app and move it when the x appears at the top left of the icon.  Just  grab that icon and drag and drop it … Continue reading

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How To Update Your iOS Device from iOS 8 to iOS 9

Steps to Follow to Update Your devices running iOS 8 to iOS 9. This includes iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. If your device is currently running iOS 8 it will be compatible with iOS 9. It is a good practice … Continue reading

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Embedded Images In Emails – Automatically Display Or Not?

In your iOS devices you have a choice about images that are included in emails. You can have them display or not. This can be an issue depending on the capacity of your device and/or the limits on your data … Continue reading

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Using Keychain On Your iOS Devices

There are three things that I can remember without looking them up – the phone number for repair to my cable service, my favorite Pizza place, and my social security number. The rest I couldn’t tell you on a bet. … Continue reading

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Start A Message On Your iPhone (or iPad) and Finish It On Your Mac.

Have you ever started to answer an email on your iPhone and decided that your reply is getting complicated and taking WAY to long to type? It happens to me frequently. Of course, I don’t thumb type like a lot … Continue reading

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