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Organizing the Apps on your iPhone The Easy Way

Organizing the apps on your iPhone can be a chore.  Granted, you can click on an app and move it when the x appears at the top left of the icon.  Just  grab that icon and drag and drop it … Continue reading

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iOS 9 – Use Your Own Photos As Screen Savers On Your iPhone

This is so easy to do and gives you more personalization of your phone. You select a photo to use as your screen saver. Choose your photo and click on your chosen image. Click on the share button at the bottom … Continue reading

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Adjust 3D Touch – Make it Work for You

3D Touch is a new,  highly sensitive reaction to how much pressure you apply to apps on your iPhone. It reacts immediately, while also allowing different “levels” of actions based on how firmly you press. If you have problems with the … Continue reading

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Cool New Features From Siri in iOS 9

Siri just gets better and better. Now, with iOS 9 You can say “Hey Siri” even if your phone is not plugged in. It will only respond to your voice and you need to put the option in place.  Before you … Continue reading

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iOS 9 Live Photos is Cool and Easy to Use

First an explanation to those who follow this blog. (Thanks so much).  I just started a full time job after being retired over 15 years so I haven’t been active in the blog. Getting used to it now so more … Continue reading

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How To Update Your iOS Device from iOS 8 to iOS 9

Steps to Follow to Update Your devices running iOS 8 to iOS 9. This includes iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. If your device is currently running iOS 8 it will be compatible with iOS 9. It is a good practice … Continue reading

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