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The Tethys Case For iPad mini is Waterproof, Drop Proof, and Dirt Proof

Tethys case for the iPad mini is shockproof, waterproof, snow proof, and dirt proof. It is designed to work in water up to eight feet deep. It works with the iPad mini and the iPad mini Retina. It will also … Continue reading

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Share Your Pages Documents

There is a terrific new feature in Pages 5.2 that lets you share your document from right inside the document. The icon that allows you do so is a little box with an arrow pointing upward. It is the same … Continue reading

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Using Formulas To Add or Subtract in A Pages Table in Yosemite

You don’t don’t know formulas from a ham sandwich, but you have to include a table inside a document that requires use of formulas. Well, I don’t know much about formulas either, but I do know how to create formulas … Continue reading

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Working With Tables In Pages In Yosemite

New versions of the operating system always bring changes to the apps that work in that system. Some times we can figure out the “new way” to accomplish our goals. Sometimes we can’t. The latest version of Pages, 5.5.2, has presented … Continue reading

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Feed Your Inner Geek With Geek Toys

There is a new service that caters to the true geek. It is called GeekFuel.  Once a month GeekFuel sends subscribers a big red box full of things that most true geeks would love to have. As an example the … Continue reading

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Check Out The Satechi 10-port Premium Hub

The Satechi 10-Port Premium Aluminum Hub has seven USB 3.0 ports and three USB charger ports. This combination  comes in a device that is only 7 x 2.5 x 5.75-in (18 x 6.4 x14-cm) and weighs less than two pounds (10 … Continue reading

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The LifenSoul Mini Water Resistant Speaker is a good buy.

LifenSoul has released a Bluetooth mini water resistant speaker (BM101)  that is very cool and inexpensive. It is under two inches tall and is available in five colors. There is a transmission distance of up to 10M. The distance varies … Continue reading

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Create New Tabs in Safari Running Yosemite

Ever since I installed Yosemite I have been irritated by the fact that there was no longer a new tabs button on the menu bar. I used that button all the time in Mountain Lion and missed it. I happened … Continue reading

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In Yosemite – Batch Rename Documents

I love this tip because almost daily I have to download images and information on products that I am reviewing. I have to rename each image to meet the editorial requirements of The Mac Observer. I know from conversations with … Continue reading

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Kenu’s Stance Tripod is Small, Folds Up, And in a Pinch, Will Open Bottles.

Now admit it, when was the last time you saw a tripod that doubles as a bottle opener. Kenu has released the Stance Tripod  for all iPhones that use a Lightning connector. It is adjustable, folds flat, and can fit in … Continue reading

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