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The Tethys Case For iPad mini is Waterproof, Drop Proof, and Dirt Proof

Tethys case for the iPad mini is shockproof, waterproof, snow proof, and dirt proof. It is designed to work in water up to eight feet deep. It works with the iPad mini and the iPad mini Retina. It will also … Continue reading

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Add Currency Symbols or Keyboards on Your iPad or iPhone

Insert Currency Symbols When Typing I frequently need access to currency symbols other than the US dollar ($) when I write up product reviews. When that happens and I’m using my Mac, I have to open the Character Palette (Character … Continue reading

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In-Depth Email Search Using Apple Mail

I don’t know how many email messages you have saved, but for most of us, the number is high. There are times you need to find one of those messages right now. If you are searching for something from or … Continue reading

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Three More Mountain Lion Tips

We’ve all seen this little box when we have selected “Restart” from the Apple menu. If it annoys you because you have been using a Mac for elebendy billion years and you know what you are doing, you can prevent … Continue reading

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Mountain Lion Tips

In Mountain Lion You Can: Open the Preferences for any Apple program using ⌘, (thats the command key and the comma). Get to the Menus two ways. The menus in the various menu bars offer two options.  If you click … Continue reading

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Malware and Java

There is a new malware threat from Java.  At the end of this email is an article that advises disabling Java from your computer. To disable Java from Safari, open Preferences, then Security.  Make sure that “Enable Java” is unchecked. … Continue reading

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Quicken and Lion

If you use Quicken to manage your finances on your Mac, there is an article you might want to read. It is by Quicken and concerns Quicken’s compatibility with the Mac operating system, Lion, which is expected out in the … Continue reading

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