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Block Advertisements Through iMessage

Today I had a notification that I had a new iMessage. Since I routinely use iMessage to correspond with several family members and friends I opened it expecting to find something important. Instead, I found an advertisment for sun glasses … Continue reading

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Why Won’t Those Darn Flags in Mail Go Away

This is a simple solution to a frustrating problem. In the Apple Mail app I have a folder that says Flagged. It’s not something you can throw away. It just appears if you have flagged messages and lists them for … Continue reading

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Built In Apps Missing From Your Phone? Here is the Solution

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6 plus it will have iOS 8 installed. You may find that suddenly some of your permanent apps, like camera, or safari are missing.  Try this: Choose Systems > General >  Restrictions. Make sure your … Continue reading

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Change Your Title Bar and Dock To Dark color in Yosemite

Here is a quick fun thing you can do in Yosemite to make your desktop easier to read. You can change the background color of you title bar and dock to a dark color. The effect will vary depending on … Continue reading

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Better Check Your Restrictions in iOS 8

The Restrictions you can impose on your devices running iOS 8 have changed and it is prudent for you to check them out. It is one of those pay me now or pay me later things. As an example: If … Continue reading

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In iOS 8 Deleting Photos Doesn’t Really Mean Deleting Photos

So you open the photo app and check out your latest additions. You want to delete several because you don’t need them or they aren’t worth keeping. It’s not so easy any more. Don’t ask me to explain this one … Continue reading

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Use Siri To Keep Organized

You don’t have to even open the Reminders app to add things to it. Siri will do it for you. A little setup helps. You can create categories ahead of time so that your reminders can go where they will … Continue reading

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Use Your iPhone or iPad Running iOS 8 To Make Time Lapse Videos

We’ve all seen cool time lapse pictures in nature shows. You know, where you see the plant grow, open a bud,  turn into a flower, and then die. Now you can do that with iOS 8, with the obvious qualifier, that you … Continue reading

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iOS 8 Will Name That Tune Using Siri

I have loved using Shazam since it first came out. Shazam allowed you to hold your iPhone up to any music that was playing and almost every time it would tell you what was playing. iOS 8 has taken that … Continue reading

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Train Siri To Identify Contacts By Your Labels

I just turned 74 a couple of weeks ago and although I can see everything almost perfectly, I can’t read anything smaller than 24 point without glasses. That means that placing calls on my iPhone can be a problem if … Continue reading

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