iOS 11 – Files App, FaceTime, and Do Not Disturb

iOS 11 has lots of new features. In this blog entry I’m going to discuss the new Files App, FaceTime photos, and the Do Not Disturb While Driving features.

A new folder, named Files, has been added in iOS 11 and is available on all your iOS devices.

iOS 11 Files App

Use this app to access all of your documents, even those stored in iCloud Drive or other third-party storage providers.

The Do Not Disturb Notification is designed to prevent notifications and texts from distracting you when you are driving.  To turn it on select Settings > Do Not Disturb. It is a helpful safety feature, but it does have one little quirk. Every time I use my walker to get around, the Do Not Disturb features becomes active. I promise you I have never achieved 60 mph in a walker.

Last, but not least, is FaceTime Live Photos.  If both you and your correspondent are using iOS 11 while conversing on FaceTime, you can capture a live photo of the other person by tapping the shutter button.

Take Instant Photos in FaceTime

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