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How To Turn A Mac On/Off and Definitions

Continuing with information for the truly uninitiated Mac users, I have posted two additional handouts to my dropbox. The first is simple instructions for turning your Mac on and off. The second is a boatload of definitions. The terms that experienced Mac … Continue reading

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Review: Octa’s Monkey Kit

Want to hang your iPad from a tree limb?  Too far out? How about on your microphone so you can see your play list, or on the tripod of your camera? Octa has created the Monkey Kit, (69.99) a unique product … Continue reading

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Missing Any Permanent Apps From Your iPad or iPhone?

To day I was reviewing an iPad Air case and needed to check out the camera – does the case allow adequate room for the camera to do its thing. To my great surprise the Camera app was missing from … Continue reading

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Basic Info For Beginners

Are you trying to help someone learn to use their Mac?  It’s not always easy, and it is particularly hard if you are a child trying to teach a parent. Been there. My dad was over 80 when I finally … Continue reading

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Mavericks: Moving Documents From A Mac To An iOS Device Using iCloud

Oh, this is not a good thing. If you use Mavericks, you better check this one out. If you are accustomed to creating documents on your Mac,  and then opening them on your iOS device you will quickly discover that … Continue reading

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