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FineScanner Is A Very Cool iPhone App

I know we can all take pictures of anything we want on our iPhones, or iPads, or iPod touches, but sometimes a picture is not what you really need. Sometimes what you really need is a scan that you can … Continue reading

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iMotion HD On Your iPad Is Just Too Much Fun

It seems like everything I do on my Mac, my iPads and my iPhone are related to work or normal life, but I recently found an iPad app that is just too much fun. I discovered it while reviewing a … Continue reading

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Copy and Paste Without Formatting

In Mac OS X, when you copy and paste text from one place to another it retains the text formatting. That can be cool, or it can be very time consuming. And annoying. Particularly if you are doing a copy … Continue reading

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Gripcase – An iPad Case For The Sometimes Forgotten

I have a recommendation for those readers who have family members or friends who need extra protection when considering iPad cases. I’m talking about children, people with disabilities, and people with impulse control issues. The product is called Gripcase and … Continue reading

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Finding Trash Files on iPhone and iPad

Do you know how to get to the email trash, draft, or sent folders when you are using your iPhone or iPad? I’m talking about using the Apple Mail application here. It can be confusing. It was to me because … Continue reading

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OMG – My 103 Page Pages Document Won’t Open

It was heart attack city for about an hour this afternoon. A 103 page, very complicated document that I last opened three days ago, wouldn’t open this afternoon. Every time I clicked on it I got something weird. The document’s … Continue reading

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