FineScanner Is A Very Cool iPhone App

I know we can all take pictures of anything we want on our iPhones, or iPads, or iPod touches, but sometimes a picture is not what you really need. Sometimes what you really need is a scan that you can crop and manipulate all within one app and then send to any one of several places. There are several IOS apps that will scan, but as far as I am concerned the best one is FineScanner.



FineScanner Icon

It cost US $2.99 and is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish. Although it works with all your IOS products what have cameras, it is optimized for the iPhone 5. It is made by a company by ABBYY, a company that is known for its high quality OCR software.

I scanned a strip from the daily comics, by opening the app and lining up what I wanted to scan. Once the app knew the page was in focus, it scanned. (It will scan an 8.5 by 11 page easily.) There is an option that, when selected, will cause the app to take three shots and then automatically select the best of the three. There is also an optional flash.


Notice that I was not particular about outliers because I knew I could crop. I clicked the Next button to move forward.

scan2The white dots are all cropping circles and you are not limited to keeping everything lined up in even lines. You may do so of course, but it is your option. When I was satisfied I clicked on the Next button.

scan3On this screen I had to choose from the original coloration, black and white, or colors. The original option reproduced the scan as newsprint. Again, I chose Next when I was ready to move on.

scan4This screen gave me all the options available to me for dealing with the finished product.

scan5I chose to send it to my Dropbox. To do this I had to have Dropbox loaded on both my Mac and my iPhone and I also had to go in the FineScanner settings and allow FineScanner to connect to my DropBox. The same steps would be necessary for the other services offered.

scan6As a final step, I had the option to save it as a JPG or a PDF.

This whole process took less than a minute. It would have been even faster if I had not elected to crop. Each page of a document must be scanned and processed separately.

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