Finding Trash Files on iPhone and iPad

Do you know how to get to the email trash, draft, or sent folders when you are using your iPhone or iPad? I’m talking about using the Apple Mail application here.

It can be confusing. It was to me because I was accustomed to how it worked on my Mac. Like a lot of things, it is easy once you know how.

Open your Mail. You should open to a list of your Mailboxes. If you open to a list of messages then just tap the name of that particular account in the top left corner and it will take you back to the Mailboxes list.

On the Mailboxes screen you will see a list of your mailboxes and below it, a list of your accounts.

Mailboxes Screen

Mailboxes Screen

The folder for trash, sent, and drafts are kept by account, so go to the Accounts list and click on the account you need to check. When you do, you will get a new screen that gives you access to the folders you need.

Accessing Account Folders

Accessing Account Folders

Then it is a simple matter to click on the folder and get a list of all the messages therein. Now, the next time you tap delete when you meant to tap reply, you can retrieve your message and follow through.


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1 Response to Finding Trash Files on iPhone and iPad

  1. Maureen Logue says:

    First time user – what a great site will be using more often – as a senior I am finding too many geeks answering questions and they according to answers they receive they dont know what they are talking about. Do we need more confusion???????

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