OMG – My 103 Page Pages Document Won’t Open

It was heart attack city for about an hour this afternoon. A 103 page, very complicated document that I last opened three days ago, wouldn’t open this afternoon. Every time I clicked on it I got something weird.

The document’s file name was:  Part 1, Part A pages. When I clicked on it, I saw that it had been renamed: Part 1, Part A pages.cpgz. When I double clicked to open it, nothing happened. Nothing.

Albert Einstein said (something like) the definition of insane was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I went insane seven times. Then I called AppleCare.

Can you tell what I did wrong.

There is a period missing between A and pages. The title of the document should have been Part 1, Part A.pages. As soon as I added the period I got my document back. This happened because I changed the name of the document and wasn’t careful.

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