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Do You Want To Blog?

Would you like to create your own blog? At this point in time it is really easy and it can be completely free as well. And, of course, you can blog about anything. Check out It is a free … Continue reading

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Check For Malware With ClamXav

With all the uproar in the past couple of weeks about a viscous malware hitting Macs you may have interest in something to help you look for it on your computer. ClamXav is a free virus scanner for Mac OS … Continue reading

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It’s Right In Front Of Me, But Where Is It Stored

I have a bazillian things on my Mac and I try, I really do, to keep them organized in folders. When I need something I usually search for it by name using Spotlight or Alfred, but doing that does not … Continue reading

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If Your Mac Is Slow To Open – Try This

If it seems that it takes longer and longer for your Mac to come up when you first turn it on, here is a quick thing you can check before you do the harder stuff. Open System Preferences. (Apple Menu … Continue reading

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Simple Way To Temporarily Hide The Dock

If you like to keep your Dock on the bottom of your screen like I do, then you have occasionally experienced the problem of it being in the way. You may just need to move it for a moment or … Continue reading

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Free Apps

Check out my latest column for info on 4 really good, free apps for your Mac. link

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