A Quick Tip For Your Printer

Printers need to print periodically. Ink jet printers ink will dry up and the ink heads will get gummy if they are not used. Once this happens, the print cartridges are ruined and you have to replace them.   If you don’t use your printer regularly, then make a note to print a couple of pages at least weekly.

A good practice is to periodically choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners. Click on the Utility Tab and choose Clean Print Heads. Then choose Print Test Page. Doing so can lengthen the life of your printer.


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Adding A Link To A Pages Document In Yosemite

The ability to add a URL to a Pages document previously was found under Insert. In Yosemite that is no longer true. At the top of your Pages document there is an Insert button. Underline the text you want to use a a link and then click on that Insert button and you will find “Add Link” as the last option. Then just fill in the fields.

Insert button in Pages

Insert button in Pages



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A Quick Tip About Your Apple Watch

As soon as the new watch was released there were numerous charging stands released by third party companies. Here is a little tip about those charging stands – take a close look at the part that holds the cable of the charger.  Make sure it is not creating a crimp in the cable. Your cable will wear out quickly if it is constantly placed somewhere with that kind of constriction.

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Apple 2015 Back To School Promotion

Apple on Thursday launched its Back to School 2015 promo offer—users who buy a qualifying Mac through educational pricing will get a pair of free Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones, which retail for $199.95. Customers also have the option of getting Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones for $100, a discount of $199.95.

Read the whole column here.

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Start A Message On Your iPhone (or iPad) and Finish It On Your Mac.

Have you ever started to answer an email on your iPhone and decided that your reply is getting complicated and taking WAY to long to type? It happens to me frequently. Of course, I don’t thumb type like a lot of kids do, I actually touch type about 100 wpm so it is probably easy to understand why I get frustrated trying to respond on my iPhone.

In the latest version of the iOS you have the ability to start responding to an email on your phone (or your iPad) and finishing the response on your Mac. The steps are easy.

  • Start the message.
  • When you are ready to save the message as a draft, tap the Cancel button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • text2A new screen appears. Tap Save Draft at the bottom of the screen.


  • When you are ready to complete the message on your Mac look at the Mail icon in your dock (assuming you have it there) and you will see that tiny iphone image has appeared on the Mail icon. Tap the Mail icon and your saved draft opens automatically for you. Finish it up and send it off. If you don’t have the Mail icon in your dock, open Mail and choose Drafts.


Personally, I love this feature.

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Ever Take Pictures? You have GOT to check out Noiseless from Macphun

If you ever pick up a camera you should check out Noiseless, the brand new app for your Mac from Macphun. It requires Yosemite. It eliminates all the noise from your pictures. Noise is those little dots that show up in your shots and make them fuzzy looking. Most frequently they show up in photos taken inside where there is no adequate light source.

For the amateur photographer it will fix the photo automatically. More experienced photographers can utilize a pallet of tools. Here is a photo I took that shows the before and after.


I love using this. I just drag and drop my photo and it appears on the screen showing my photo cleaned up on one side and the original version on the other. If I like it, I just save it and it is a new, clean photo. You can save it as a .jpg by exporting or you can save it as a .mpn file which allows you to continue editing. You can also crop or share your photo from the application. Now for the very best part, right now you can download an early preview version http://macphun.com/noiseless for free.

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