What To Do If You Forget Your Apple ID or Apple ID Password

Tip is for OS 10.11 – El Capitan

You need your Apple ID more and more these days. That means you also need your Apple ID password. But people have been known to forget those passwords.  (Hint:  Keep them stored in Keychain) And for that matter, people sometimes forget their Apple ID. You can fix both these problems.

Visit iforgot.apple.com

forgot passwords


If you have forgotten your password, enter your Apple ID in the box (red arrow). If you have forgotten your Apple ID, click on the link that says Forgot Apple ID? (green arrow).

For forgotten passwords, once you enter your ID and click, the next window gives you two options.  The first is get an email with instructions sent to your email address that ends in me.com.

The second is to answer security questions.  Choose your option and click continue. Follow the directions for either option.

For forgotten Apple ID, the next window will ask for your name and email address.  Be sure to use the email address associated with your Apple ID account. Continue to follow the directions.


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iOS 9 – Use Your Own Photos As Screen Savers On Your iPhone

This is so easy to do and gives you more personalization of your phone. You select a photo to use as your screen saver. Choose your photo and click on your chosen image. Click on the share button at the bottom of the screen.20151030h

That takes you to the action page that you use to send your pictures by email, messages, etc.  The last option is Use As Wallpaper. Choose it and it is done.


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Deleting Photos On Your iPhone

It took a while for me to figure out how to delete photos on my new iPhone 6s. It is actually easier than it used to be once you know how to do it.

With the Photos app open, choose Albums > Camera Roll. Press down on an image. The image gets bigger. Don’t let go of the image and swipe up. Options appear at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to copy, mark as a favorite, share, or delete. If you choose delete it asks you again before acting. I found that it sometimes took more than one try to get it to work, but perhaps practice will improve that.

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Adjust 3D Touch – Make it Work for You

3D Touch is a new,  highly sensitive reaction to how much pressure you apply to apps on your iPhone. It reacts immediately, while also allowing different “levels” of actions based on how firmly you press. If you have problems with the sensitivity of 3D Touch, you can change it. Go into Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. Move the guide from light to firm to get your personal setting. There is a sample image there so you can test the setting to meet your personal needs.





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Cool New Features From Siri in iOS 9

Siri just gets better and better. Now, with iOS 9 You can say “Hey Siri” even if your phone is not plugged in. It will only respond to your voice and you need to put the option in place.  Before you can use the “Hey Seri” option you have to set it up so it recognizes your voice.  Go to Settings> General > Siri. If it is not active change the button to green and select Activate. (If it is already green, just turn it off and back on. The setup option will appear.) You will be asked to speak several specific phrases into your phone and when it is set up properly it will tell you it is done. Then you can do things like ask Siri “Hey Siri, Where is my Phone”, or What is the “weather forecast”. If you have a web page open on your phone you can tell Siri “Remind me of this when I get home.  You can also open many accessibility features just by asking Siri to (Turn on (feature).

Siri can do basic sums and a few other math options. She can convert measurements (miles to kilometers) or monetary values (American dollars to English pounds.) You must preface your request with “Convert….)

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iOS 9 Live Photos is Cool and Easy to Use

First an explanation to those who follow this blog. (Thanks so much).  I just started a full time job after being retired over 15 years so I haven’t been active in the blog. Getting used to it now so more blogs will follow.

This tip is about Live Photos which is a cool new feature of iOS 9. Love using it with my grandson and my cat. I bet you will like it too.

With Live Photo, whenever you take a photo your iPhone 6 or 6S also captures a couple of seconds of video on either side of the shot. When you open the image in your photo app you can press down hard on the image and bring that picture to life. It is totally cool.

To take the Live Photo make sure your photo option is on picture and the circles at the top are turned on. The circles turn yellow when active.


One note though – Live Photos take up a lot of space. You can turn the feature on and off by tapping on the three yellow circles.

You can also use Live Photos as the image on your lockscreen.  Once you take your photo, view the Live Photo version and tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen.  On the share screen, select “Use as Wallpaper” from the options.


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How To Update Your iOS Device from iOS 8 to iOS 9

Steps to Follow to Update Your devices running iOS 8 to iOS 9. This includes iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. If your device is currently running iOS 8 it will be compatible with iOS 9.

It is a good practice to perform routine maintenance on your iOS device prior to an upgrade. Look over the apps you have installed and uninstall anything you haven’t used in a while or are that you are no longer interested in. Doing so frees up precious storage space and declutters your home screen.


Before doing an update, you need to backup the information currently on your device. That way if anything goes wrong, you won’t lose everything. Just because nothing has gone wrong before doesn’t mean it won’t at some time.

I digress here to tell you about something I overheard at an Apple Retail Store. A young lawyer came in to the genius bar asking for help. He had been working on a case for six months that was going to trial that week. He has his case files on his Mac, but had not backed them up even once. His hard drive died and he wanted the staff to retrieve his files, which of course, they could not do. I have often wondered if he lost his job over that.

Your iOS device can be backed up to iTunes or to iCloud – the safest way is to backup to iTunes, since it makes a full backup of everything on your device. Backups to iCloud do not include all files. I recommend backing up via a wired connection to iTunes as the safest option, but for an update of the operating system, it is prudent to backup manually right before you install the new iOS. Syncing is not the same thing as backing up.

Backup To iTunes

Connect your device to iTunes.  Choose the device icon on the tool bar and click on the device you are updating.

iDevice icon found on iTunes.

iDevice icon found on iTunes.

iTunes will connect to the Summary page.

Backup options in itunes

If you haven’t already backed up your device select Manual backup by clicking on the Back Up Now button. Once the backup is done, you can follow the directions for the installation that will included with the download.

It’s always best to choose to manually backup your iOS device rather than have it sync whenever you attach your device. Imagine that your iPhone has been acting strangely and you attach it to iTunes.  If it syncs automatically – you may have just copied a software fault onto your good backup.  If you’d chosen ‘manually’ – you could have delayed backing up and possibly losing your data.

Back Up with iCloud

If you have an iCloud account but don’t have access to a computer with iTunes, backing up to iCloud is your only option. The backup can be done directly from your device.

You must be connected to Wi-Fi and have your device charging. Launch the Settings app, choose iCloud, scroll down to the Backup option and tap on it. After a brief wait a Backup Now button will become active. Tap on that and the download should start. If 40 million people all decide to download the new iOS at the same time, there may be time delays after you push the Backup Now button.  Generally, it will take about an hour for the update to complete and you can’t use your device during that time.

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