Share Your Pages Documents

There is a terrific new feature in Pages 5.2 that lets you share your document from right inside the document. The icon that allows you do so is a little box with an arrow pointing upward. It is the same icon that you use to send items in iOS 8. You will need to save the document before sending it.

If you have an iCloud account, you can send the document via Mail, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. To use that option select Share Link via iCloud.


As an example, select Messages. A contextual window opens allowing you to move your document to iCloud. Then a Messages window opens that contains your document ready to send as soon as you enter the address(s) of recipients. The recipient clicks on the URL to get to the document.


Or you can send a copy via Mail, Messages, or AirDrop.


In this case, select Send a Copy and choose Mail. Mail will open a new message that already includes your email address and the document. All you have to do is enter the recipient and subject and hit Send.

I hope these tips help increase your efficiency and comfort when using Pages.

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Using Formulas To Add or Subtract in A Pages Table in Yosemite

You don’t don’t know formulas from a ham sandwich, but you have to include a table inside a document that requires use of formulas. Well, I don’t know much about formulas either, but I do know how to create formulas to add or subtract within a Pages table in Yosemite. So, for all of us who still use their fingers to count, here are some steps you can follow for simple problems.

Adding Cells Together Within a Pages Table

  • Place the cursor in the cell you want the results to appear in.
  • Enter an equal (=) sign.
  • The formula creation field will open showing the equal sign. To the far right you will see a red circle with a + in it, and a green circle with a check mark ✓ in it.
  • The functions menu opens as soon as you enter the = sign.
  • Select the functions you want. In this case, select Numeric from the first column and SUM from the second.
  • Click in the cell of each number you want included, (no space) between each one.
  • Click on the green circle with the check mark, and your total will appear in your cell.
  • Clicking on the red circle erases your formula.

In the following example I clicked in the cell in which I wanted the results to appear. I entered the = sign. Then I selected Numeric and SUM from the functions menu. Then I clicked on the first number, clicked on the second number, and clicked on the third number. Then I clicked on the green circle and had my total for that month.


Using A Formula to Add Fields B2, B3, and B4

The same system works if I want to add the totals left to right. I click in the new cell and enter the formula.

Subtracting Cells Within a Pages Table

If I want to subtract I enter the = sign. Then I click on the first cell followed by the minus (-) sign and then I enter an open parenthesis (, and select each cell I want included. Hit the green button and your answer will appear. You don’t have to enter the close parenthesis if that is the end of your formula.


Using a Formula To Subtract Cells B2 and C2 From E5

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Working With Tables In Pages In Yosemite

New versions of the operating system always bring changes to the apps that work in that system. Some times we can figure out the “new way” to accomplish our goals. Sometimes we can’t.

The latest version of Pages, 5.5.2, has presented lots of learning opportunities. The task that most frequently annoyed me in the new version was creating tables. Here’s why.

When you create a table in Pages 5.5.2, there are two ways to start. Select the format menu and select tables, or click on the tables icon in the menu bar. The menu bar option is the fastest. Once you click on the tables icon you get a drop down menu that lets you select a style. This is a much more efficient option than what previously existed. There is only one problem. You will get a predetermined number of columns and rows.


Create a Table

Assume that you don’t want that predetermined number of columns and/or rows. To reformat your table do this:

Your table should show the numbers for the rows and the letters for the columns as demonstrated in the image below. It will also show a small circle on the far right of your table that contains two lines (||) and a circle on the left at the end of your rows. That circle has an equal sign (=).


Modify the Table Configuration

To change the number of columns, click on the circle (see red arrow) and make your choice. The number of columns will change instantly. Do the same thing on the circle for the rows (see green arrow) and that change will also be instantaneous.

For this example I wanted two columns and two rows.


Table Refigured to My Specifications

You can still add additional columns and rows if you need to. The easiest way to add another row is to tab from the last column in that row and a new row will appear. If you want to add several more rows go back to that circle with the equal sign and make your changes.

To add one more column click back into the circle with the lines (||) and make your choice.

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Feed Your Inner Geek With Geek Toys

There is a new service that caters to the true geek. It is called GeekFuel.  Once a month GeekFuel sends subscribers a big red box full of things that most true geeks would love to have.

As an example the inaugural box contained:

  • HALO Alpha Mega Bloks Minifigure Mystery Pack
  • Star Wars Pez dispenser
  • First edition of Valiant Artor Hunters
  • GeekFuel Limited Edition Graphic t-shirt
  • Eye of Sauron poster
  • The Princess Bride playing cards deck


I found the content to be high quality. The t-shirt, for example is Hanes 100% heavy duty cotton. The graphic novel has an embossed, metallic cover and it is only available through GeekFuel. The poster is printed on heavy duty paper, and the playing cards are standard size.

Each subsequent box will always contain an exclusive one-of-a-kind t-shirt that is available in all sizes for men or women.

So, how much does it cost to feed your inner geek?  It depends on how you choose to pay for your subscription. Costs include shipping and handling. There is a month-by-month subscription that costs $23.90. A three month subscription is $68.70. Six months is $131.40, and a year’s subscription is $238.90. Subscribers who select the six month plan or the annual plan will receive an additional mystery items each month. The contents have a guaranteed value of over $40.

To sign up, visit the web site.

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Check Out The Satechi 10-port Premium Hub

The Satechi 10-Port Premium Aluminum Hub has seven USB 3.0 ports and three USB charger ports. This combination  comes in a device that is only 7 x 2.5 x 5.75-in (18 x 6.4 x14-cm) and weighs less than two pounds (10 kilograms). The Hub provides date rates of up to 5.0 Gbps. It includes a power supply and guarantees electric current stability for connected USB devices. There are no software or drivers required and connectivity is instant.


One 5V2.1A port will charge tablets and two 5V1.0A will charge smartphones and other devices. The Hub connects to your Mac via the USB port on your computer, using the heavy duty cable that is included with the device.


The design has a sleek brushed aluminum finish that matches perfectly with any of the aluminum finish Macs. The USB 3.0 ports allow users to transfer photos, music, and HD movies quickly to external USB 3.0 devices. The low height of the Hub means it can fit under any stands that users may have in place to hold laptops.

This Hub has an MSRP of US $59.99 and it includes a one year warranty.

Using the product

First of all, I like the way this Hub looks. It matches my other stuff.  I also like the fact that the different ports are labeled and one can read the labels without a magnifying glass. There is adequate space between the ports to assure a comfortable fit.


I have used this Hub for more than a month, trying it out with different devices including my external keyboard. It has given flawless service. The three charging ports are a great benefit. Not only can I charge an iPhone and two iPads at the same time, but I don’t have to charge those items in outlets all over the house. Nor do I have to use the remaining  USB port on my Mac. I keep it free for backing up my devices.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is sleek, well designed, and well made. I have always found Satechi products to be worth while purchases. They do what they say they will do and they last. The seven USB 3.0 ports combined with the three charging ports make it a useful tool. The design makes it fun to display.

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The LifenSoul Mini Water Resistant Speaker is a good buy.

LifenSoul has released a Bluetooth mini water resistant speaker (BM101)  that is very cool and inexpensive.


It is under two inches tall and is available in five colors. There is a transmission distance of up to 10M. The distance varies by device. The output power is 2W and it runs off a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The speaker has a one year warranty. The MSRP is $24.99.


The package includes the speaker, a stretchable strap to attach it to things like backpacks, belt loops, or bicycles, a small instruction book, and a charging cable.

Using The Product

This is a cool little speaker, perfect for summer days around the pool or anywhere else that water resistance would come in handy. The outside is composed of a soft rubber, that provides the water resistance feature.

Setting up the Bluetooth connection was a breeze. When using it with my iPhone 6 I turned on the speaker, opened the Settings app and selected Bluetooth. As soon as I made sure that Bluetooth was turned on, the speaker showed up on the list of available items and I clicked to choose it. The battery must be charged before it can be used the first time, but it reached a complete charge in a little over an hour. There is a red blinking light that comes on when the cable is connected. The light changes to blue when it is ready to use.

It is quite compact and will fit into most pockets.


No one expects to get $1,000 quality out of a $24.99 speaker and this one is no exception to that rule. However, the sound is quite good, and there is a good, strong bass. I tested it on the only moving object that I had available, a baby stroller. We rolled over a very rough road with the speaker hanging from the handle. The sound remained steady and consistent.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It has good sound, is reasonably priced, and offers the water resistance feature. For kids, I would choose one of the bright colors, like the pink or lavender, as it might help keep it from getting lost. Although after looking at my grandson’s play area, I have to add that even the bright color won’t always help.

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Create New Tabs in Safari Running Yosemite

Ever since I installed Yosemite I have been irritated by the fact that there was no longer a new tabs button on the menu bar. I used that button all the time in Mountain Lion and missed it.

I happened to mention this issue to a friend and he gave me that look – you know the one that asks if you are wearing your stupid hat today. He said just use the plus sign on the far right of the window. It is located just above Spotlight.

tab sign

Speaking of tabs in Yosemite, you can easily view all the open tabs on your screen at once. There is an icon you add to your Safari tool bar. Open View > Customize Toolbar and drag the icon you want to your tool bar.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.13.06 PM

I find this to be very helpful when I am researching or creating.

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