Review: Memory Cleaner X

Review:  Memory Cleaner X, Version 2.0.5

Developer:  Nektony

Cost:  Free (Available From the Apple Store)

Works With: Mac running OS X 10.8 or greater

What It Does:  Allows user to clear inactive RAM and free up space on your computer.

Rating:  Five out of five stars.

memorycleanerMemory Cleaner X Logo

 I am very impressed with this app. It is made by Nektony which also makes App Uninstaller, an app that I have used for several years.

Memory Cleaner X check for duplicates, junk, very old material, and unused applications. When you give it the go ahead, it cleans it all up with the tap of a key. If you have ever gotten the warning that you are running out of memory you are familiar with the problem.

The following is the image I got the first time I opened the App. Wow. I had almost reached that “full up” problem.


This next image shows my memory usage after I ran the program.


As you can see there is a great deal of improvement.

Two notes of importance – (1) out of 108 reviews on the apple store, 92 reviewers gave it a perfect 5 stars. (2) I have noticed that every time I play a game on my Mac, the application immediately deletes all the junk created by all those games I lost.


Works quickly and efficiently.

Frees up memory on your Mac by deleting old stuff.

Continues to monitor for additional junk to remove.

Has a high approval rating from other users.


None noted.

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