Correct Saved Spelling Errors

First of all, I hate that I had to go back to work. It really cramps my blogging time, but I do it when I can.

You have a private spelling directory on your Mac into which you can save unusual spellings or words that you use frequently. For instance, I always have to add Gravley to mine because spell check has a tendency to change it to gravely. Spell check uses the New Oxford American Dictionary as its spell check source.

When Spell check thinks a word is misspelled, it will underline it in red.  To add that word to your private directory, just right click and select Learn Spelling.

If you discover that you have saved a word that is incorrectly spelled, you can remove it. Here is how.

In the Finder window select Shift+Command+G.

A small window named Go To Folder will open. In the text field, enter ~/Library/Spelling  and tap the Go button.

This takes you to the Library Spelling Folder.

Choose the Local Dictionary folder. This takes you to your Local Dictionary file which is a simple Text Edit document. Check over your words and delete any words (and empty spaces) that need to be removed.

Now you are safe from your own foibles. Until you do it again. Doesn’t hurt to check it once in a while.




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Review: Memory Cleaner X

Review:  Memory Cleaner X, Version 2.0.5

Developer:  Nektony

Cost:  Free (Available From the Apple Store)

Works With: Mac running OS X 10.8 or greater

What It Does:  Allows user to clear inactive RAM and free up space on your computer.

Rating:  Five out of five stars.

memorycleanerMemory Cleaner X Logo

 I am very impressed with this app. It is made by Nektony which also makes App Uninstaller, an app that I have used for several years.

Memory Cleaner X check for duplicates, junk, very old material, and unused applications. When you give it the go ahead, it cleans it all up with the tap of a key. If you have ever gotten the warning that you are running out of memory you are familiar with the problem.

The following is the image I got the first time I opened the App. Wow. I had almost reached that “full up” problem.


This next image shows my memory usage after I ran the program.


As you can see there is a great deal of improvement.

Two notes of importance – (1) out of 108 reviews on the apple store, 92 reviewers gave it a perfect 5 stars. (2) I have noticed that every time I play a game on my Mac, the application immediately deletes all the junk created by all those games I lost.


Works quickly and efficiently.

Frees up memory on your Mac by deleting old stuff.

Continues to monitor for additional junk to remove.

Has a high approval rating from other users.


None noted.

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Product Review: Bedside LED Table Lamp with Flower Vase

Product: LifeGrip LED Vase/Table Lamp


Price:  $20.99

Package Contents:  Vase Lamp, Micro USB cable, and small instruction manual.

Size:  4.7 x 4.7 x 5.8 inches.


Touch sensor  control with three options (high light, soft light, and graded light). Built-in rechargeable battery. 11.8 oz (350ml) vase capacity that holds water for live plants. Works for artificial plants as well. Charges with USB cable White shade and base. Vase looks golden when lighted.


This is cute, but practical product. It makes a nice, soft, nightlight or room light. It turns off and off with just a touch. I have used it with live flowers and artificial and it presents no problems for either.  For instance, it does not become too hot for live plants to thrive.

Lamp and Flowers

Lamp and Flowers

It is always dark when I get home from work – always. Prior to acquiring the Vase Lamp I left overhead lights on so that I could see when I came in. I find that the Vase Lamp works just as well in this capacity – and at a lot less cost.

I also think it would be great for a baby’s room. The ability to hold a baby and turn on the lamp with just a touch has to be an asset.

On the practical side, it is rechargeable and will operate 48-hours when fully charged. It is convenient for me to just keep it plugged in, but it is nice to know that should the power go out, I can still quickly have light.

I recommend this. It makes a sweet gift for a new mother or anyone else who would enjoy a “night light” that is decorative.



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Siri – The Administrative Assistant

You remember all those old movies where the boss was always a man and the secretary was always a woman who dressed in suits and high heels? At some point in the movie the boss would always tell the secretary to bring him coffee. Even as a kid I always wanted to tell him to get his own damned coffee. My problem was that the secretary was treated as a servant, not a professional.

Back in the 80’s I was CEO of an institution and had a lovely older woman as my secretary. She was an excellent professional and we worked well together. One day she was out and I was sitting at her desk writing her a note when a salesman came in. He sat on the edge of the desk, winked,  and said: Say, Honey, I don’t have an appointment but could you get me in to see the boss.”

My time had come! I informed him that there was no one working in that office named Honey. I told him I was the boss and then I told him to get off the desk and come back some time when he could behave like a professional. It makes me smile even today to remember that.

So, what you say, does that have to do with Siri and all the things Siri does for us daily. Probably nothing. I just love to tell the story to remind young women that (1) they too can be the CEO, and (2) if they are in a job where they are not respected, they can always find something else.

But, back to Siri. If you are using Siri on your Mac you can tell Siri to lower or mute the volume.  Say “mute the volume” and your sound will instantly be muted.  Proceed that with Hey Siri and you can mute the volume from across the room. Thanks Siri.

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Tips – Using Siri on your Mac

Ask Siri How Much Free Space You Have on your Mac

Just ask Ssiri-spaceiri “How much free space do I have?” Siri will answer the question with the overall remaining space. If desired, you can drill down further to see how your Mac’s storage space is currently allocated.


Use Siri to Open Apps or Web Pages on Your Mac

Just ask Siri to open an app rather than using Spotlight or your dock. Same thing for web pages. Basically, any website address Siri can understand, can be opened in your default browser.  Give the whole URL, i.e.: “Siri, open“.  Note that Siri can not close apps for you.


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Ask Siri to Spell a Word

Asking Siri to spell a word is my favorite feature of Siri on Mac OS 10 and iOS 10. Some say spell check has ruined a generation of spellers. Probably so, but I couldn’t spell well before computers so I can just enjoy the new feature without guilt.

Just think, you will never have to look up the spelling of broccoli or Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious again.

How do you use it?  With Siri open, just ask it how to spell a specific word. I find that it doesn’t work well on some names. For instance, when I asked it to spell Gravley, it offered web sites rather than just spelling my name. It’s my opinion that it works for names if the name is tied to someone famous, but that is just my experience.

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Explaining Digital Touch in iOS 10

Digital Touch

Digital Touch, a communication feature that was previously limited to watchOS, is now available on your iPhone. With Digital Touch, you can send friends and family drawings, heartbeats, fireballs, kisses, and more, all with just a few taps.

Sketches, taps, and other Digital Touch messages created on your iPhone are also viewable on the Apple Watch and vice versa. Here’s how to use the new feature.

Accessing Digital Touch

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Open an existing conversation or start a new one.
  • Tap the gray arrow to the left of the message field.
  •  Tap the icon that looks like two fingers over a heart.
  • Tap on the arrow on the right hand side to expand the Digital Touch window.

You can send taps and drawings by using the smaller Digital Touch interface that replaces the keyboard, but there’s more screen real estate to work with when it’s expanded to the size of the full iPhone display.

The Digital Touch interface supports several tap-based gestures to send various taps and icons, plus it allows for drawing with a finger and annotating short videos with the included video tool.

To draw with Digital Touch, just start sketching in the black Digital Touch box, visible both in standard view mode and full screen mode. When using the standard view, tap the small circle on the left side of the screen to see the different color options. In full screen mode, the colors are all available at the top.


TIP: To access custom colors, long press on any of the color swatches. It’ll bring up a color wheel with custom color options for more personalized drawings. 

TIP:  If your watch or the recipients watch is set on Airplane mode, the Internet connection is turned off. Mine seems to set to Airplane mode by itself sometimes. Swipe from the bottom up and turn off the button with the airplane symbol by tapping it.

The person who receives your Digital Touch drawing will see it drawn out in real time, just as you sketched it. If you make a flower, for example, it’ll play like a video, showing each petal drawn in succession.

When you receive a Digital Touch drawing in Messages, tap it and you can see it full screen.

Gestures For Digital Touch 

  • Single finger on the screen – Starts a drawing.
  • Single finger tap – Sends circular “taps” in the selected color. One tap sends one circle, and you can send multiples.
  • Single finger press – Sends a fireball. Hold down longer for a longer lasting fireball animation.
  • Two finger tap – Sends a kiss. Tap multiple times to send multiple kisses.
  • Two finger tap and hold – Sends a beating heart.
  • Two finger tap and hold, then a downward drag – Sends a heart that beats and then breaks in two.

TIP. Sending Digital Touch content can only be done on an iPhone running iOS 10 or an Apple Watch running watchOS 2 or 3, but it can be viewed on iOS devices running older versions of the operating system and on Macs in the Mac Messages app. 

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