iMotion HD On Your iPad Is Just Too Much Fun

It seems like everything I do on my Mac, my iPads and my iPhone are related to work or normal life, but I recently found an iPad app that is just too much fun. I discovered it while reviewing a really cool product called the GripBase Podium. I wanted to test how stable the podium would be if one were filming or making a video and constantly touching it (the podium).

I want to learn how to use the Boinx iStopMotion app, but have not had any opportunity to learn to do so, so I went looking to see if there were any iPad apps that offered some similar options that I could learn and use very quickly. I found iMotion HD for the iPad and iPhone. The app is free although there is a one time US $1.99 fee if you use it and want to turn your creations into a movie. It was a perfect tool for my test as I had to touch the screen of my iPad numerous times. (The GripBase Podium worked perfectly with this project).

As I was working with it, and having all kinds of fun, I kept thinking what a fun project it would be for kids out of school for the summer, or a scout troop, or visiting grandkids, or anyone like me who just liked to create. It is much more fun than washing dishes or making the bed.

The app helps you create a stop motion event where you set up your event and move items incrementally and film each incremental move. For each move you just tap the app to tell it to snap the next frame. The app then puts all those individual steps together into a film that makes it look like your clay man has moved, your papers have moved across the floor, or whatever else you come up with.

For my demonstration I took two boxes and several small sheets of paper. I made the lid of one box open and then made the small sheets crawl out of one box, move across a table, and crawl into the other box. The whole thing lasts about 4 seconds. You have options concerning how fast you want it to move. There are easy to follow instructions included with the app.

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