In iOS 8 Deleting Photos Doesn’t Really Mean Deleting Photos

So you open the photo app and check out your latest additions. You want to delete several because you don’t need them or they aren’t worth keeping. It’s not so easy any more. Don’t ask me to explain this one because I can’t figure out why it has been added to iOS 8. Most people are going to find it nothing more than a bothersome extra step.

Tap a photo and you get two options – copy and hide.


You must choose hide whereupon your photo disappears from the list. It goes to a new album that is located at the very bottom of all the albums. The album is named Recently Deleted. That name is a misnomer if ever I heard one. It should be called “Photos I want to delete but iOS 8 won’t let me” Probably wouldn’t fit in the allotted space. All your deleted photos will remain in that folder for 30 days (taking up space), after which point they will be automatically deleted.


To complete the delete process you must open that folder and delete each image one by one.

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2 Responses to In iOS 8 Deleting Photos Doesn’t Really Mean Deleting Photos

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    • macnancy says:

      That’s not quite true. I know at least three people who are not developers and do not work for Apple who nevertheless beta tested iOS 8.

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