Organizing the Apps on your iPhone The Easy Way

Organizing the apps on your iPhone can be a chore.  Granted, you can click on an app and move it when the x appears at the top left of the icon.  Just  grab that icon and drag and drop it to a new location. The truth is that it can take two or three tries to move an app from one screen to another.

There is an easier way.

Just plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes. On the tool bar for iTunes click on the device icon and select the device you want. Then click on the Apps heading in the sidebar.

Under the Apps heading on the iPhone screen you can remove apps, change their positions on the screens, and even drag entire home screens into a different order. Double click on a screen and it will become large. Click once on an app you want to move and it will be outlined in blue. Grab it at that point and move it. Interestingly, once you grab an app the screen becomes small again so you can see all your screens and move the app. To rearrange screens just select them and drag and drop.


If you have lots of apps, consider organizing them into folders. This is an easy process. Move one app on top of another and a new folder will appear containing those two apps. Add more apps to that folder or create additional ones. You can name the folders and you can put he most important ones on your home screen so that the apps are readily available.

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