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In Yosemite, Use Spotlight To Attach Documents To An Email

Spotlight has several new features available to those using Yosemite. Here is one of them. Find and attach documents to emails even if you don’t know where they are stored. Open and prepare your email message. Open Spotlight and search … Continue reading

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Spotlight Search Tips

Now that I have my Spotlight working properly (see previous blog),  I can concentrate on a few tips for shortcuts. I don’t know if these are new in Yosemite or not. If you have an older version of the OS you … Continue reading

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Solving Spotlight Problems in Yosemite

I have used Spotlight frequently since it was first introduced (I think that was in Tiger). There were two features that I used consistently. The first was to find and open an app almost instantly. The second was to do … Continue reading

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I Found It With Spotlight, Now Where Do I Find It?

This drove me crazy and I am so glad I came across a solution.  You look for  something on your computer using Spotlight and it pops right up.  In Lion you can even rest the cursor over the Spotlight item … Continue reading

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