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Siri – The Administrative Assistant

You remember all those old movies where the boss was always a man and the secretary was always a woman who dressed in suits and high heels? At some point in the movie the boss would always tell the secretary … Continue reading

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Pretend You Have A Personal Assistant – Use Siri

This is a good tip to utilize when you are driving or just feel lazy. It is an invaluable tip for those with severe visual impairments. Siri will read your messages and play your voicemail. Just give the appropriate command … Continue reading

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Siri Tips – Make Siri Wait For You and Launch Settings

In iOS 8 Siri is better than ever, if you know all the tips. Here are two more to use to make Siri your own. Make Siri Wait Until You Are Finished Speaking This was the one thing that really … Continue reading

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iOS 8 Will Name That Tune Using Siri

I have loved using Shazam since it first came out. Shazam allowed you to hold your iPhone up to any music that was playing and almost every time it would tell you what was playing. iOS 8 has taken that … Continue reading

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Sending Messages Via Siri

Back in April I published a post on how to get Siri to answer your emails on your iPhone. This tip is also about using Siri on your iPhone or iPad, but this time I am covering creating and typing … Continue reading

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