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Solving Spotlight Problems in Yosemite

I have used Spotlight frequently since it was first introduced (I think that was in Tiger). There were two features that I used consistently. The first was to find and open an app almost instantly. The second was to do … Continue reading

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Charging Solutions For iPad Problems

Scenario No. 1 You plug in your iPad to recharge over night, but when you next go to use it, the charge is so low that you can’t even get a start-up screen. Oh yeah, just try explaining to a … Continue reading

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Third Party Cables and Connectors Ceasing To Work in Devices Running iOS 8

Third party cables and connectors are those sold without Apple certification. You see them everywhere. A bright rainbow of colored cables in a basket at the counter of your local drug store. For sale on web sites and even accompanying … Continue reading

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Helping The Blind To Get From Point A To Point B – Exactly

In my other life I am the president of a Mac Users Group, CapMac, in Austin, TX.  We are an active (175+ members) and involved group of people who use Apple products. One of our purposes is to serve our … Continue reading

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2013 Macworld New Products – Beamr

Continuing with a video interview with Dror Gill, this second half of the video discusses Beamr which allows the user to send multiple images in a magazine format.

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Macworld 2013 – SlingShot

Slingshot is an interesting little accessory for the iPhone 5 that I found at Macworld 2013.   It stands 4 feet inches off the table top and holds your iPhone 5 in a stable mode for viewing or taking pictures. … Continue reading

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TextEdit Tips

When using TextEdit you can choose several nonadjacent bits of text and copy them or cut them.  To do this you highlight the first bit of text then hold down the Command key and highlight more text.  Then if you … Continue reading

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