Siri – The Administrative Assistant

You remember all those old movies where the boss was always a man and the secretary was always a woman who dressed in suits and high heels? At some point in the movie the boss would always tell the secretary to bring him coffee. Even as a kid I always wanted to tell him to get his own damned coffee. My problem was that the secretary was treated as a servant, not a professional.

Back in the 80’s I was CEO of an institution and had a lovely older woman as my secretary. She was an excellent professional and we worked well together. One day she was out and I was sitting at her desk writing her a note when a salesman came in. He sat on the edge of the desk, winked,  and said: Say, Honey, I don’t have an appointment but could you get me in to see the boss.”

My time had come! I informed him that there was no one working in that office named Honey. I told him I was the boss and then I told him to get off the desk and come back some time when he could behave like a professional. It makes me smile even today to remember that.

So, what you say, does that have to do with Siri and all the things Siri does for us daily. Probably nothing. I just love to tell the story to remind young women that (1) they too can be the CEO, and (2) if they are in a job where they are not respected, they can always find something else.

But, back to Siri. If you are using Siri on your Mac you can tell Siri to lower or mute the volume.  Say “mute the volume” and your sound will instantly be muted.  Proceed that with Hey Siri and you can mute the volume from across the room. Thanks Siri.

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