New Features For Audible Books

I love to read books and never pass up a chance to read, even if I only have time for a few pages. That, of course, is much easier now that we can read e-books on almost all our Apple devices.

In addition to e-books, we can also enjoy audible books which are recorded and downloaded for listening pleasure. There is, of course, a charge for each book. There are several audible book services, but one stands out for me.

A couple of years ago I discovered .Their readers are professional actors who can do multiple voices and I think their library of books numbers in the thousands. Many times a book will be released on at the same time it is released in a written form.

Now that I have had to go back to work I don’t have as much time to read as I would like. However, I can take advantage of the long drive to work each day and listen to a book while I drive. (I haven’t heard a single used car ad in my car in years.)

I’m bringing this up to point out a new feature on that I love. There is a sleep setting now. No longer do I have to fall asleep listening to a book only to spend a half hour or so the next day figuring out where I was when I went to sleep.

Here is how it works.

On the top right corner of your book you will see three dots.


Click on them and you will see a list of new options.


Choose Sleep Timer and select your time preferences.


That’s all there is to it, but the ease of use does not diminish the usefulness of the feature.

If you have never listened to an audible book check out or one of the other available services.

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