El Capitan Preferences – The Cloud

Here’s the thing about the System Preferences on your Mac – You can use your Mac forever and never change any of the System Preferences from the factory settings.  But when you understand them and can set them to meet your needs you may well find them to be the difference between running your boat with a motor or paddling it.  Find the System Preferences at: Apple icon > System Preferences.

Here is some information and tips for setting the Preferences for iCloud.icloudicon

The first thing you will have to do is decide if you want to use iCloud. A lot of your preferences will involve it so start there first. iCloud lets you back up your computer, and transfer documents from Mac > iOS Device > Mac. Any changes you make to a document once it is in the cloud will be affected on all your Apple devices.

For instance, create a slide show using Keynote and save it to the cloud. It will appear on both your Mac and your iOS device. Make changes to the slide show later on either your Mac or iOS Device and the changes occur everywhere else you are using iCloud.

Because I have iCloud set up, I can get to all my passwords on my iPhone. This works best if you use the fingerprint ID to sign on. No one else can get to my passwords.

Activate iCloud

Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu on your Mac. Click iCloud, enter your Apple ID, and select the services you’d like to enable. Your Apple ID is the ID you use to conduct transactions in iTunes and the App store.


It’s that easy. If you are interested in using iCloud, check out my next posting. I will offer several tips for using iCloud successfully.

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