The Tethys Case For iPad mini is Waterproof, Drop Proof, and Dirt Proof

Tethys case for the iPad mini is shockproof, waterproof, snow proof, and dirt proof. It is designed to work in water up to eight feet deep. It works with the iPad mini and the iPad mini Retina. It will also work with the iPad mini 3, but may not support finger print sensor.


The back is an opaque clear with a clear circle that allows the Apple logo to show through clear and clean.


The front is a touch-through ultra clear that allows instant response when using the mini. The sides of the case are black heavy duty plastic, but the back also includes a flexible rubber rim that makes it easy to insert and remove the iPad.


The Tethys iPad mini case is only 0.75-in thick. It is truly a light weight case, easy for even little hands to handle.


The camera port is covered with clear plastic and it includes a black rim around the edge of the opening to absorb reflections.


This case has an MSRP of $99.99, but it is currently available on Amazon  for $19.99. It also offers a lifetime warranty.

Using The Product

The most important thing to do when using this case is to follow the written directions for installing the mini in the case. I read a couple of complaints concerning the waterproofing aspect, but it was clear to me that they had not followed the directions. I only had access to about four feet of water for testing, but I left it laying in the water for an hour with no leakage.

I also tested it by letting my two year old grandson use it with his iPad mini. Watching him, I realized that he had more control of his iPad in this case than in the heavy rubber case he usually uses. He did indeed drop it several times over the course of a couple of days as he tends to do when he wants to go on to something new. (We’re working on that – not particularly successfully at this point.) The case stayed together and there was no damage to the iPad.

The few pictures that I snapped with this case installed were of high quality.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is almost impossible to find a waterproof case for around $20. It is easy to use, works well with the camera, and it is easy to install and remove the iPad mini. I definitely recommend it for use by kids.

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