Using Formulas To Add or Subtract in A Pages Table in Yosemite

You don’t don’t know formulas from a ham sandwich, but you have to include a table inside a document that requires use of formulas. Well, I don’t know much about formulas either, but I do know how to create formulas to add or subtract within a Pages table in Yosemite. So, for all of us who still use their fingers to count, here are some steps you can follow for simple problems.

Adding Cells Together Within a Pages Table

  • Place the cursor in the cell you want the results to appear in.
  • Enter an equal (=) sign.
  • The formula creation field will open showing the equal sign. To the far right you will see a red circle with a + in it, and a green circle with a check mark ✓ in it.
  • The functions menu opens as soon as you enter the = sign.
  • Select the functions you want. In this case, select Numeric from the first column and SUM from the second.
  • Click in the cell of each number you want included, (no space) between each one.
  • Click on the green circle with the check mark, and your total will appear in your cell.
  • Clicking on the red circle erases your formula.

In the following example I clicked in the cell in which I wanted the results to appear. I entered the = sign. Then I selected Numeric and SUM from the functions menu. Then I clicked on the first number, clicked on the second number, and clicked on the third number. Then I clicked on the green circle and had my total for that month.


Using A Formula to Add Fields B2, B3, and B4

The same system works if I want to add the totals left to right. I click in the new cell and enter the formula.

Subtracting Cells Within a Pages Table

If I want to subtract I enter the = sign. Then I click on the first cell followed by the minus (-) sign and then I enter an open parenthesis (, and select each cell I want included. Hit the green button and your answer will appear. You don’t have to enter the close parenthesis if that is the end of your formula.


Using a Formula To Subtract Cells B2 and C2 From E5

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