Working With Tables In Pages In Yosemite

New versions of the operating system always bring changes to the apps that work in that system. Some times we can figure out the “new way” to accomplish our goals. Sometimes we can’t.

The latest version of Pages, 5.5.2, has presented lots of learning opportunities. The task that most frequently annoyed me in the new version was creating tables. Here’s why.

When you create a table in Pages 5.5.2, there are two ways to start. Select the format menu and select tables, or click on the tables icon in the menu bar. The menu bar option is the fastest. Once you click on the tables icon you get a drop down menu that lets you select a style. This is a much more efficient option than what previously existed. There is only one problem. You will get a predetermined number of columns and rows.


Create a Table

Assume that you don’t want that predetermined number of columns and/or rows. To reformat your table do this:

Your table should show the numbers for the rows and the letters for the columns as demonstrated in the image below. It will also show a small circle on the far right of your table that contains two lines (||) and a circle on the left at the end of your rows. That circle has an equal sign (=).


Modify the Table Configuration

To change the number of columns, click on the circle (see red arrow) and make your choice. The number of columns will change instantly. Do the same thing on the circle for the rows (see green arrow) and that change will also be instantaneous.

For this example I wanted two columns and two rows.


Table Refigured to My Specifications

You can still add additional columns and rows if you need to. The easiest way to add another row is to tab from the last column in that row and a new row will appear. If you want to add several more rows go back to that circle with the equal sign and make your changes.

To add one more column click back into the circle with the lines (||) and make your choice.

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