Feed Your Inner Geek With Geek Toys

There is a new service that caters to the true geek. It is called GeekFuel.  Once a month GeekFuel sends subscribers a big red box full of things that most true geeks would love to have.

As an example the inaugural box contained:

  • HALO Alpha Mega Bloks Minifigure Mystery Pack
  • Star Wars Pez dispenser
  • First edition of Valiant Artor Hunters
  • GeekFuel Limited Edition Graphic t-shirt
  • Eye of Sauron poster
  • The Princess Bride playing cards deck


I found the content to be high quality. The t-shirt, for example is Hanes 100% heavy duty cotton. The graphic novel has an embossed, metallic cover and it is only available through GeekFuel. The poster is printed on heavy duty paper, and the playing cards are standard size.

Each subsequent box will always contain an exclusive one-of-a-kind t-shirt that is available in all sizes for men or women.

So, how much does it cost to feed your inner geek?  It depends on how you choose to pay for your subscription. Costs include shipping and handling. There is a month-by-month subscription that costs $23.90. A three month subscription is $68.70. Six months is $131.40, and a year’s subscription is $238.90. Subscribers who select the six month plan or the annual plan will receive an additional mystery items each month. The contents have a guaranteed value of over $40.

To sign up, visit the web site.

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