In Yosemite – Batch Rename Documents

I love this tip because almost daily I have to download images and information on products that I am reviewing. I have to rename each image to meet the editorial requirements of The Mac Observer. I know from conversations with others that many others face this task. What I have always done is rename each one independently. What a chore that can be.

Now, in Yosemite, I can batch rename as many documents or images that I want all at the same time. Here is how it works.

Batch Rename Images or Documents

  • To use the tool, select the files you want to rename, using control-right click to designate them.
  • From the menu that appears, select Rename X files (where “X” is the number of items you selected). From here, you can add text to the files’ titles, replace a portion of their titles, or apply formatting to the filenames.
  • batchrename1In 10.10.3 the batch rename window asks you to make some decisions. Choose Replace Text, Add Text, or Format. Depending on your choice you get different fields. Make your selections and fill in as indicated. Once you’re done, click Rename.
  • batchexampleIf each of your images or documents contain numbers in the title, such as 20150216, you want to be careful where you add the count. Note that for the example below I chose to have the number appear after the name to avoid confusion.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.33.49 AM

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