Add Keynote Transitions On An iPad

If you are familiar with Keynote on your Mac then you probably know that it is very easy to add transitions to your slides. They make for a nice, interesting presentation. If you create a Keynote on your Mac and save it to the cloud, all your transitions will transfer nicely to your Keynote on the iPad.

But, what if you don’t have a Mac and have to create your Keynote from scratch on your iPad, or you want to make changes when you are away from your Mac. You can still add or change transitions. Here is how.

  • Tip:  If you want to add an identical transition to multiple slides, a quick way to do it is create the transition on a single blank slide and then duplicate that slide as many times as necessary. This works on your Mac or your iPad.

Tap once on the slide you want to add the transition to. You get this option.


Tap on the transitions option and, in the effects tap, scroll down to select the transition you want.


Tap on the Options tab to set other requirements.


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