Spotlight Search Tips

Now that I have my Spotlight working properly (see previous blog),  I can concentrate on a few tips for shortcuts. I don’t know if these are new in Yosemite or not. If you have an older version of the OS you can just try them.

You can get really specific in your searches. For instance, say I want to find an image of Jennifer. When I enter Jennifer in the search field for Spotlight, I get 27 different items, only one of which is particularly relevant to my search. However, if I enter Jennifer kind:image I get the following.


Fast and simple. If you use Spotlight frequently, play around with other combinations and see if they  work. If I enter Nancy as a search term I am given the Contacts listing for myself. If I enter Nancy kind:pages I get ten listings for Pages documents that contain my name.

Speaking of searching your Contacts, it is much faster to use Spotlight to find a specific contact than it is to open your Contacts app and enter the name in the search field or scroll to find them. Type the first initial, then a space, then part of the last name. If I am searching for Joe Sample I can enter j sam and up will pop his card. If you have several listings with the same last name or the same first name you can do things like enter jo sam and that should help you get to the person you want.

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