Charging Solutions For iPad Problems

Scenario No. 1

You plug in your iPad to recharge over night, but when you next go to use it, the charge is so low that you can’t even get a start-up screen. Oh yeah, just try explaining to a two year old why his iPad isn’t working. What may be the primary problem is that you plugged it in to charge on your keyboard, your monitor, or an unpowered USB hub. Unpowered meaning the USB hub doesn’t connect to an electrical outlet. It may also be true that the USB to Lightning cable is damaged or not Apple compatible.

Plug the cable into your computer or into a USB receptacle that is connected to a wall outlet. If your computer is several years old, even the USB port on your computer won’t be powerful enough to adequately charge your iPad.  Here are two examples of Apple approved USB receptacle’s that connect to a wall outlet.


If you know that you have used an approved USB receptacle and you still have a problem then consider that the USB cable that you are using has gone bad. Try another one to test that possibility. When this happened to me, I noticed that the Lightening connector had gunk on it which had made it unusable.

Scenario No. 2

Your iPad is not holding a charge like it did when you first got it. The first thing to check is to see how many apps you have open.  Just switching from one app to another doesn’t shut down the first app. All the apps that you use remain open until you actually close them. Here is how to check and close apps that are pulling power.

Do a fast, double click on the home button.  Up will pop a line of apps that are open. Put your finger in the middle of each app, one at a time, and slide up. The app will close. Here is an example of my open apps before I closed them.


I bet that the next time you charge your iPad it will hold a charge longer. I learned about this when I noticed that my grandson’s iPad was not holding a charge. He is two and he tends to open every app on his iPad whenever he is allowed to play with it.

This step is necessary for your iPhone too so check it out when you have the time.

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