Gifts For Senior Citizens – Part 3

And last but not least is the third item that I recommend as a good gift for a senior citizen who is active with an iPad. The first two recommendations were covered in posts dated December 4th and December 5th.

iPad Holder For The Bed

My third recommendation is for an iPad holder that clamps to the headboard. Many senior citizens lose the strength or have arthritis in their hands, and that makes it uncomfortable or painful to hold an iPad for any length of time. On top of that, when you wear glasses to read as almost all of us must do, you have to hold the iPad at a higher angle when lying down.

I have used mine since the iPad was first introduced. It has all the necessary elements, but apparently it is no longer available. So here are the necessary elements. It must clamp solidly to the headboard. C-clamps work well, but if your gift recipient has a bed with slats be sure your choice will work for that. It must be adjustable so that it still works when the size and style of the iPad changes. That requires the part that holds the iPad to be in two pieces that adjust as needed. Mine has been through several iterations of the iPad and iPad mini and it still works perfectly. And lastly, it would be best if it can rotate  180º so that the user can view the iPad in either vertical or horizontal mode.

Another recommendation is to avoid ones that fasten to the wall instead of the headboard. I found that the only way my wall could handle the weight of a well made product holding an iPad was to reinforce the wall in some way.

I did some research to see if I could find hands free holders similar to the one I use. To my surprise I after searching for an hour, I only found one that contained all the necessary elements. I have not reviewed this particular product, but if I were going to buy one today, I think this is the one I would get.

The Surmount from Standzout has both an adjustable c-clamp and an adjustable tablet holder. It also rotates. It is currently on sale for US$69.99

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