Gifts For Senior Citizens – Part 2

This is the second in my postings of items that will make good gifts for the senior citizens in your life who are active computer and iPad users. The first was posted yesterday, December 4th.

Satechi’s Flexible LED Desk Lamp

The second item that I recommend is again by Satechi. It is the Flexible LED Desk Lamp. Research has proven that by age 60 years you need about three times as much light on an object to see it as well as the average 20-year old does. That old table lamp that someone is using out of habit really doesn’t cut it for those of us over 60.

The Flexible LED Desk Lamp is also currently on sale on the Satechi web site for US$59.99. I have been using this daily since April, 2014, following my initial review of it. You can view the full review of this item for all the specifics.


I like it because it gives wonderful light, is flexible, turns on and off with the touch of a finger, and includes a USB port that lets you charge everything except your  iPhone 6 or iPad.  Again with the small footprint, it takes up five inches (13-cm).

This lamp has five levels of brightness and I adjust it by pressing down and holding the control button. The lifespan of the lamp is over 40,000 hours. The flexibility of the lamp neck allows me to adjust the lamp so there is no glare.

Part 3 will be posted tomorrow.

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