Gifts For Senior Citizens

I have come to accept the fact that I am, in fact, a “senior citizen”. Should I try to forget it, my three great grandchildren stand as a reminder. I am also a serious computer user, spending several hours a day in front of my Mac or on my iPad working on various projects and preparing teaching materials. There are three devices that make the technical part of my life easier and more fun. I recommend each of them as a good gift choice for the seniors in your life who also enjoy their computers or iPads. You’re welcome.

The first one is presented in this blog. The other two will follow tomorrow and the next day.

Satechi’s ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier


You can read my full review of the ReadMate  for all the specifics. I have been using this item since March, 2014. I sometimes use it daily. Here’s why – it’s easy to use, I can always find it, and the lighted magnification is 5X which makes it possible for me to read almost any fine print.

To use it I place it over the material I want to read, press down on the top so that the LED light comes on, and read. I can use it with or without my reading glasses. When I am through I clean the lens with the microfiber cleaning cloth that is included, put it back in the hard case, and zip it up. That leads to the second reason I like it so much.

I can always find it. It sits safely in the little zipped hard case, taking up a minimal amount of room (less than 4-in (10-cm)) clearly in-sight, on my desk top. I usually keep it on top of my router so it is not really taking up any unused space. Should the cat knock it over, or the grandchild grab it, the case protects it.

The magnification of 5X is wonderful. I have used it to read very fine print, print that is a little lighter than the surface upon which it appears, and even to determine if that tiny screw that goes in my glasses has a phillips head or a straight head.

Slight detour here for a message for those designers who think it looks cool to use light gray print on a medium gray background. Get over yourselves.  It’s not cool when you put looks over function.

The ReadMate is currently on sale on the Satechi web site for US$24.99.

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