Review: OxyLED T120 Desk Lamp

The OxyLED T120 desk lamp offers a small footprint, a flexible neck, and two levels of brightness. It operates with the touch of your finger and adjusts from full bright to dark. The lamps are available from Amazon in black and red. The MSRP for the T120 is $149.99 but it currently has a price of $59.99.



It also offers a choice between warm light that is easier on the eyes and cool light which provides the most brightness. It features zero radiation and six-grade touch dimming with a memory function. It has a ten year life span, offering over 25,000 hours of full lumen output and comes with a three year warranty. The package includes a small user manual.


The lamp weighs 2.8-lb (1-kg). Its length is 12.6 inches when fully extended. The footprint is only 3.5-in.

Using The Product

First of all, this is a very attractive desk lamp and I like the small footprint. If other desks look like mine, the smaller the better. Yet at the same time, it puts out plenty of light. My office happens to be half of my garage converted into an office and there is no ambient light whatsoever. Therefore, I have lots of requirements when it comes to a desk lamp. This one fits all my requirements. The neck is made from stainless steel and is quite strong, yet flexible. You put it where you want it and it stays put. It is also easier to adjust for user height than some I have seen. I am quite short, but it allows me to find the right height for what I need. At the same time, a much taller person should also be able to adjust it to fit their needs.

Personally, I would not pay the MSRP of $149.99 for it, but I certainly would pay the sale price of $59.99 and feel that I had a good product at an appropriate price.

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