Block Advertisements Through iMessage

Today I had a notification that I had a new iMessage. Since I routinely use iMessage to correspond with several family members and friends I opened it expecting to find something important.

Instead, I found an advertisment for sun glasses from someone I never heard of! I was completely incensed. I even felt violated. iMessage is supposed to be the one place where I can control stuff.

Well, I can control this also. You can too. On your iPhone select Settings > Notifications > Messages. Scroll down toward the bottom of the screen where you see two options.

“Show Alerts from Everyone”

“Show Alerts from My Contacts”

Chose “Show Alerts From My Contacts” and then no messages will get through from anyone who is not in your Contacts list.


I feel better already.

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1 Response to Block Advertisements Through iMessage

  1. sony says:

    Thanks for the great apple guide! I always use iMessage for windows on my pc to prevent blocking advertisent. It’s way more easier than that.

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