Use Your iPhone or iPad Running iOS 8 To Make Time Lapse Videos

We’ve all seen cool time lapse pictures in nature shows. You know, where you see the plant grow, open a bud,  turn into a flower, and then die.

Now you can do that with iOS 8, with the obvious qualifier, that you don’t want to leave your iPhone or iPad outside during a plant growth cycle. There are however some fun and serious times when this new feature can be a great asset.

Imagine doing a time lapse movie of a child paining or drawing a picture or setting up an elaborate train set. Or how about your family putting up a Christmas tree. It would be really cool to do one for the creation process of a new product. It is really easy to do.

There are some limitations. You must set your iOS device on a solid surface, free of any vibration or movement with the lens pointed towards whatever you want to record. It works best if your device can be standing upright as opposed to an iPad, slanted because it is balancing on a stand or case.

Select Time Lapse from the options when you are ready to start. Tap on the red record button. The device will then begin dynamically capturing photos at an interval of its choosing. When you’re finished, tap the red button again and enjoy your creation.


Time-lapse videos have a small icon in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail to help you quickly identify them in the Photos app.

I made an example slow motion film which you can view here. All I did was place my iPhone in the front window and record vehicles that went by, but it demonstrates the effect.

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