The iFrogz GoLite Makes A Great And Usable Gift

I have a great gift idea to recommend for any of your friends, family, or co-workers who need phone backup chargers at hand. From iFrogz, the GoLite,   is a a backup charger and a flashlight and it is small enough to fit in pocket or purse. And, while it is made by a reliable company, it is also very inexpensive as these things go. I am looking right now at a similar product that goes for $70. The MSRP for the iFrogz is $29.99. I found it on Amazon for $24.53 (black). If the user has a smart phone that can be charged with a USB cable then this is the perfect gift for them. Here are the four color choices.


This product is rechargeable, featuring a 2600mAh lithium ion battery.

The built-in LED flashlight battery is best for low-light situations.

It delivers enough power to charge any smartphone. The package includes a USB/micro cable for self charging and has a USB port to charge the phone.

It weighs 3.49-oz. The dimensions are 0.875 x 0.875 x 4.125-in.

So this is a good way to get started on that holiday list. (OK, so I am a virgo and do things like shop ahead.) Besides, this will work no matter what cool phone someone gets for Christmas.

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