A Tip To Wow Your Audience When Using Keynote

You can spice things up with a judicious use of Magic Move in your slide show. With Magic Move you animate objects between slides so the objects seem to move without any action on your part. Magic move works with two consecutive slides that have at least one common image.

For this example I am going to have an image seem to move up on a page by itself.

The first step is to create the first slide with the graphics, images, or text that you want to appear first.


Now create a duplicate of that slide. To do that click on the slide in the Slide Navigator panel to the left and press Command + D.


The next step is to open the duplicated slide and modify it. In my example I moved the graphic to the top of the slide and added different text. The element that you wish to move must be the exact same size on both slides or this won’t work.


Now, go back to the first of the two slides so it once again becomes the active slide. Click the blue “Inspector” from the Keynote toolbar. (In Yosemite that button is named “Animate”)  Click the Transitions button and choose Add an effect. One of your options is “Magic Move”. Select it.


Now go back and play your two slides. The finished product should look like this.

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