Getting Help At The Genius Bar

Apple Retail Stores have this wonderful feature called the Genius Bar. You can take your Apple device in and a genius will diagnosis the problem and if possible, fix it right there. If it can’t be fixed on site, they will shop your computer off for repair and notify you when it comes back in for pickup. There is never a charge unless parts have to be replaced.

You can not just walk in off the street and see a genius. You must make an appointment via computer.  The URL for this is

Here is a tip for getting the best service.

  • Don’t tell the genius the whole litany of things you have tried. To do so just wastes their time and yours.
  • Be on time for your appointment or you will lose it.
  • On a post-it or other paper that size, write down the problem in three sentences or less. That helps you focus on the problem and the genius to focus on the solution.
  • Assuming you registered your device during the initial setup, the genius will be able to instantly access necessary information about your device, including the status of any warranty.

All of this said, I have seen some unusual behavior at the Genius Bar. From adults, not kids. The kids are all too busy playing with the Mac’s that are in place for just that purpose.

There was the man who wanted his phone replaced at no cost even though it had been out of warranty for 5 months and the damage to the phone was self inflected. This guy was in his late 30’s. He used “dude” to start every sentence. He kept on and on trying to get the Genius to do what he wanted. Eventually his wife came up and he started telling her that the phone was no longer covered. She said “nuhuh”. The last time I heard someone utter that phrase was from my 5 year old great grandson.

Then there was the lawyer who was in a panic because his case was going to trial in three days, but his computer had crashed and his whole case information was gone. Well, no, he hadn’t backed anything up. He was a busy lawyer and didn’t have time for that kind of stuff. Yeah.

The staff at the Genius bars are well trained and customer oriented. It is pleasure to do business with them.

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