Catalyst iPhone 5/5s Case Protects Your Phone In Water

Lost your phone in the pool lately? Ever lost your phone in the pool?  I have a friend who has lost his phone in the pool four times in the past two years. Too many people and too much drinking, equals an expensive experience.

If he used an iPhone I would have the perfect solution for him. The waterproof case and lanyard from Catalyst. The case, which weighs only 1.5 ounces, provides protection in all weathers. It is designed to waterproof to 16.4 feet (5m) and meets military standards for drops up to 6.6 feet (2m). The lanyard includes an adjustable wrist strap, quick access clasp, and case attachment. The products have a 90-day limited warranty against product defect for products purchased from their website.

catalystcase lanyard2The case comes in alpine white, pacific blue, radiant orchid, and stealth black. Each style includes a clear plastic top that fits over the front of the phone. The MSRP for the case is US $64.99. There are protective flaps that fasten when in use, but can be opened to charge the battery or insert headphones.  The wrist lanyard (black only) is sold separately and has an MSRP of US $19.99.

It is very easy to both insert and remove the iPhone from the case – a rarity. What I find with most cases, particularly cases of this style, is that while it is easy to insert the phone, it takes the devils own time and a broken fingernail to remove them.

The beauty of the wrist lanyard is that it will automatically rise to the surface if it is attached to your phone, and you drop it in water. Drop it over the side of a boat, no problem.

I was not able to test this case in any lake or river, but did try it out in a pool. It kept my phone completely dry and I was able to take an underwater photo during the test.

I recommend these two products. They do what they promise to do and, lets face it, $65 is a lot cheaper than a new phone.



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