Missing Any Permanent Apps From Your iPad or iPhone?

To day I was reviewing an iPad Air case and needed to check out the camera – does the case allow adequate room for the camera to do its thing. To my great surprise the Camera app was missing from my iPad. I thought, well, I’ll just download it again. No, I couldn’t do that because Camera is a part of the operating system so was not available in the App Store.

I tried restoring the operating system, assuming that wherever it was hiding, it would come back with the restoration. All that accomplished was wasting a lot of time and having to update 35 apps that had previously been updated. I also did an internet search, but didn’t find anything. So, I was reduced to that evil known as asking one of my children. Hate it when that happens.

The answer lay in the restrictions on my iPad. I had turned off the ability to use the camera. As soon as I corrected that problem the camera icon was back on my screen.

Here is how to check yours:

Go to Settings > General > Restrictions. In iOS 7> if the green is showing your item is turned on. In earlier versions it should be set to “On”. It seems kinda backward – one would think that if the title is Restrictions you would only want to mark those apps you want restricted, but notice in the following image that the word “Allow” appears at the top of the list.


Restrictions Screen on iPad Air

Restrictions Screen on iPad Air

That is all it took to solve my problem.

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