Basic Info For Beginners

Are you trying to help someone learn to use their Mac?  It’s not always easy, and it is particularly hard if you are a child trying to teach a parent. Been there. My dad was over 80 when I finally got him to try a computer. We wanted him to be able to email everyone. I consider myself a good teacher of Mac skills, but teaching my dad how to overcome his fear and embrace a computer was one of the hardest thing I ever did. It was worth it though because he emailed all of us until he was almost 90. Being of his generation, WWII, he had a hard time getting past the cost of internet service.

In that vein I am in the process of preparing some guides for beginners – people who know nothing or are moving from a PC to a Mac.  At one point in my career I published a beginners guide which I sold through the column I write for The Mac Observer. Over time I found that I could not keep it updated because of other obligations so I stopped publishing it.

In this listing I am offering two documents which may be downloaded and used as desired. The first is about the Finder and mice and trackpads.

The second is about the Mac Desktop.

Very shortly I will make the third part available. It will be definitions. The fourth part will be a summary of the apps that come installed in the OS. If these are of interest, please check back.


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