Mavericks: Moving Documents From A Mac To An iOS Device Using iCloud

Oh, this is not a good thing. If you use Mavericks, you better check this one out.

If you are accustomed to creating documents on your Mac,  and then opening them on your iOS device you will quickly discover that it is no longer an automatic process.

First, of course, you will need to make sure that all the settings are in place on both your Mac and your iOS device.

On your Mac select Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud. Put checks in the boxes next to the items you want saved to iCloud. Don’t forget to open Documents & Data and check things there as well.

On your iOS device select Settings > iCloud. Turn on all the applications that you want to access on that device. If you see green around the button it is activated.


Again, turn on desired items under Document & Data. To get to that list, click on the > next to the word “on”.


Now when you click on a specific application you should see an image like the following that confirms that your application is accessing iCloud.


A logical person would assume that having all these preferences set is all you need to do. That used to be true, but in Mavericks it isn’t. There is another step or two.

Say you have created a Keynote slide presentation on your Mac. To move it to your iOS device do the following:

  • Save it as you ordinarily would.
  • Create a duplicate of it. (If you don’t follow this step your document will be moved, not copied to your iOS device.)
  • With the duplicated item open, select File > Move to and you will get this menu.


From the menu, select iCloud.


Now your document will be available on your iOS device.


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