An iPad Tip, an iPhone Tip, and a Warning.

Saving time. Most of us are all about that. Following are two tips, one for the iPad and one for the iPhone that will save you time — if you remember to use them. Check the end of this entry for a warning about dealing with AT&T.

This first tip only works with the iPad, but it can save you time when you are using the virtual keyboard.  It will keep you from having to switch keyboards when all you want is an apostrophe or a quote mark. I find I use the apostrophe option frequently.

For the apostrophe, tap and hold the comma key. The apostrophe will appear in a blue box just above the key. Once the blue box appears, release your finger and the apostrophe will be inserted in your text.

For the quotation the procedure is the same. Tap and hold the period key. When the blue box appears, release your finger and the quotation mark will be inserted in your text.


This next tip only works with the iPhone. If you make frequent calls using your iPhone you will invariably get busy signals. To call the number again, hang up and press the green Call button. This will bring up the last number you dialed. It doesn’t matter if you actually dialed the number or selected a number from your contacts list. Tap the Call button again and your iPhone will dial that number for you.

Warning — When dealing with AT&T, be sure you write down any confirmation numbers they give you because they will not send you a confirmation email even if you request one. I recently cancelled my internet and phone service because the internet download speed was misrepresented at the time I signed up. I promptly returned their equipment (at my expense). In the next month I received “past due notices” for my services. When I explained that I had cancelled the services I was told they had no record of it although they had information that showed I had returned the equipment. I had not saved my confirmation number. I had to pay their fees or have a black mark on my credit report.


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