Some Cool iOS 7 Tips

Siri is greatly enhanced in iOS 7 and there are some fun and interesting things she will help you with.

Find Things

For instance, you can ask her to find the closest gas station, even ask for a specific brand and say something like “Siri, where is the closest Valero gas station?” Make sure you have turned on the location option on your phone, (Select Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Siri. Turn on that option.)

If your settings are correct, Siri will tell you what you need to know.


Query Response

Then, if you need to do so, you can even ask for directions to the location of your choice.

There are even more driving options with the iOS 7 Siri. You can ask “How long until I get to my destination?”, or “When’s my next turn?”

Correct A Miskeyed Calculator Entry

Have you ever miskeyed a number in the Calculator app on your iPhone?  Say I meant to enter 456,789, but I entered 456,788.  With most calculator programs your option for correcting this error is to delete the entry and rekey it.  But, with the Calculator app in iOS 7, you can delete the last numeral you entered by placing your finger on the LED number display and swiping left or right. Then you can key the correct numeral.


Miskeyed Entry


Last Numeral Entered is Erased

Let Siri Read It To You

There are times when Siri will look up things for you, then show you them onscreen. As an example, the locations of the gas stations I mentioned at the beginning.  Rather than trying to read that information, you can ask Siri to read it to you. To make this work, tap the microphone image at the bottom of the screen and say “Read that back to me.”

These tips and hundred’s of others can be found in iPad and iPhone Kung Fu by Keir Thomas.

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