Why Won’t My iMessages Show Up On All My Devices?

I started having a strange problem with iMessage. I could get messages on my i-devices, or on my Mac, but not on both of them at once. Since I rely heavily on iMessage this was a problem. I figured out that if a message was sent from a Mac, I received it on my Mac and if sent from an i-device I received it on my i-devices. Since this started around the time iOS 7 was released I figured my problem might rest with iOS 7.

Sure enough, it was an easy fix. You have to tell your i-devices to accept messages.

Start by opening the Settings app on your i-device. Select Messages.




Step 1 

Clicking on Messages takes you to the Messages window.



Step 2

Select Send & Receive and you get this window.



Step 3

Under the heading “You can be reached by message at”, be sure you enter all the email addresses associated with your Mac addresses. For example, you@icloud.com, or you@me.com. This should solve your problem.

It solved my problem, hope it does the same for you.

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