Smart Mailboxes – Do I Want Them?

Smart Mailboxes have one advantage, they help you keep up with, and, find stuff.  I have one acquaintance who has 17,000 messages in her mail box. Most of us are not that obsessive. And, I hope most of us are not counting on Mail to serve as a storage facility for all of our mail. Very bad idea.  I’ll cover that issue in another posting soon.

But back to Smart Mailboxes. Lets say that on average most of us have a few hundred messages saved. Searching for items in that kind of arrangement can be very time consuming. Using Smart Mailboxes saves all that time. You just have to set them up in a manner that meets your needs.

Here are the steps:

  • Open Mail and click Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox
  • A window will open. Give the Smart Mailbox a name in the indicated field.
  • Use the Any Recipient field to narrow down the option
  • Use the Modifier field to the right of Any recipient to modify the options.
  • Click the Add (+) button to the right to add a second filter
  • Repeat the first steps to add a second filter.
  • Every message that fits your criteria will be listed in that new box.

Since I am going to Macworld/iworld 2014 as a journalist I will be getting lots of messages between now and March 27th.

Here is a Smart Mailbox I made for Macworld/iworld 2014.



Check out all the options you have in the “Any Recipient” field.



You also have several options in the “Contains” field.

This Smart Mailbox should meet my needs for the event, but I am also creating Smart Mailboxes for my flight and for my hotel.  I could probably include all that in the first box, but it would be too cluttered for me.  If someone asks me my flight number I don’t want to have to look through all the press requests to find it.

Try Smart Mailboxes and see if they don’t save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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