Mail Tips: Search By Attachment and Delete Erroneous Addresses

Here are a couple of tips to make Mail work for you.

1. Search by Attachment type

This tip is for Mavericks users. I find myself using it frequently. You can search for messages with attachments of a specific application. For example, you can search for all your messages that have attachments created in Numbers or any other application that you need. This includes searching for Microsoft attachments like Excel or Word.

In the following example, I searched for all attachments created in Keynote.

Note that one of my options is Attachments and all I had to do was select Keynote. Then I got a list of every document in my Mail folder that included a Keynote attachment.

attachment search

2. Delete Erroneous Email Addresses

I have a friend who is retiring at the end of this month and he sent me a new primary email address to replace the work related address that I frequently use. I immediately opened Contacts, found his entry, added the new address and deleted the old one. But, that step alone will not prevent me from continuing to use his old address because it will still be found in Previous Recipients. His new address is very, very similar to his old one which means I will have to be diligent when selecting the email address from now on because the old one will still pop up on the list when I start to select an email address for him — or not. There is a way to remove the old one completely.

With Mail as the active application, select Window > Previous Recipients.

Pre RecipientsEnter the name of the person in the Search field. When the person’s name appears, highlight the incorrect email address and click Remove From List. Because of privacy I can’t show my list, but you will find an alphabetized list of the name, the email address, and the last time you used it.

If you have time, check out your entire list and make sure everything is correct. And here is a valuable secret. Scroll down to the very bottom of your Previous Recipients list and you will find a whole listing of email addresses without any name attached. These addresses are not ones you chose to keep. Most are from advertisers. Some will even say “donotreply@xxx”  And how about this little jewel which I found in my list: Who knows where that came from. Check those unidentified addresses to make sure there isn’t one you need and delete the rest of them. You can select as many as you want at one time by holding down the Command key as you make your selections.




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